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| Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Girls
Happy Birthday
Camera Caustic
make the best of bad hairdays

Photography By: Julianne Pyne
I have known Julianne ever since I was like 5 or 6. My mom was just starting her Spanish school and Julianne was one of the first people to join my moms school. She took classes for a while and during that time my mom and her mom became good friends and I became good friends with Julianne along with my sister. We have known each other since then and we still talk through the wonderful invention called "Facebook." Well, who knew that over the years she would develop such a masterful talent of photography?! I didn't. Until I saw some of her pictures and I still could not believe they were actually taken by her. I think I still doubt her talent a bit because she is good at photography and all the editing involved. I think I am just a bit jealous, but it's cool...I mean all I have to do is switch brains for life and then I will obtain her talent of photography. Lol! Just kidding! Not really, but go with the flow and laugh. Oh, and if it wasn't any more obvious, but the girl in the last two pictures is obviously Julianne herself.

P.s.- If you are a photographer and want me to publish YOUR work on my blog and PhotoBook just let me know by either commenting on THIS post or by emailing me at thetrendydwarf@yahoo.com. I would really love to post YOUR photography and give you credit for your work so that EVERYONE can enjoy YOUR work! Hope to hear from YOU soon!